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Florist is a profbeautyession for those who feel the

Time erases from the face of the state of the state, turns into the sand of the city, but one remains unchanged – the love of mankind to the beautiful. Back in the fifth century BC e people used flowers to decorate their homes, as evidenced by vase found by archaeologists, records on papyrus and even surviving seeds. And in the Tutankhamen’s tomb, the scientists found what they were least looking to find: a wreath of wildflowers.You can not be an agronomist, but you must know the botanist

After all, it is important to know not only the name of the flower (imagine for a moment the expression of the face of the buyer, whom you unknowingly slip instead of the pseudoane eyes of the asthma or anemone instead of amarillis), but also where it grows, under what conditions, on what soils and how to care for it. It will not be superfluous to have an idea about some nuances of plant biology. Not all flowers get along with each other.

For example, in a single vase with lily of the valley, many plants will fade. Lilies and narcissuses are better to put apart from other flowers at all. But tulips combine with daffodils in one bouquet only after the last stood in water during the day. The money is worth the expert who does not understand the fertilizers and pesticides (at least in their names). Yes, you need to know a lot so that buyers can ask for advice to you as a professional.

Keep up with the fashion
Whatever you say, and fashion for flowers is eternal. And it always dictated Europe. A specialist in the field of phytodizaina should not only be aware of the latest trends and novelties of the season, but also go a step ahead. Remember, not so long ago, they were given flowers and single roses on long stems, but now they are presented by modest little bouquets in quaintly designed baskets.

And what only the packaging is offered today in flower shops – gladness! A wide range of accessories, which include literally everything: from artificial butterflies, bugs, which add vivacity to any composition, to beautiful, skilfully woven baskets. And in all this it is necessary not only to understand, but also to be able to apply.

The first step
To begin with, you need to choose suitable courses, perfectly, if you can combine study with work. And the knowledge of the PC will not hurt either: total computerization also affected the sphere of flower business. You will not have an outage from employers, if, in addition to phytoprograms, you will be able to learn the basics of computer graphics that are used to prepare landscape designers.

Determine who you want to become: phyto (arranger, florist-designer) or landscaper designer. In any case, you need to study the basics of agronomy (soil science, agrochemistry), the fundamentals of elements and principles of design and arrangement, the rules of making bouquets, the characterization of styles, learn how to choose the plant material, find out what a winter garden and Ikebana is.

Who is who?
The phytodizayner works with plants and dry material (dried flowers, branches, leaves, feathers of birds, moss, etc.). He creates compositions and decorates them with offices and at home.

A landscape designer works on the ground, designing country houses or territories of various organizations.

For and against
Its advantages and disadvantages are in every specialty, even at the very least, there is a wonderful thing. Floristics is not an exception. So, if you are allergic to flower pollen – the road to this profession, alas, is ordered. It is necessary to consider and such negative aspects as high humidity of air in the salon, sharp spikes of roses, prickles hands, constant contact with water, processing of colors with chemicals.

In addition to keeping the flowers intact, they are kept in water at low temperatures, which means that you will also have to withstand free will also with the coolness. Among other things, the florist needs to be a little more psychologist. After all, he works not only with flowers, but also with people, and they, as you know, are different. And every buyer needs to find an approach, pay attention.

However, despite the night shift, overtime work before and during holidays, it is still creative work, giving joy and rest to the soul. And earnings are quite good.

Language of colors
In the middle of the XIX century, the language of flowers was widespread among lovers. He helped them express their feelings and emotions without any extra words. Today, this secret alphabet, unfortunately, is almost forgotten. But experienced and attentive florists-consultants will necessarily specify from the buyer, on what occasion he buys the flowers to whom they are intended, and will give a qualified advice.

Yellow lily is a symbol of arrogance
Red rose is a symbol of love
White rose and white lily are innocence
Acacia white – it’s a pity that my love is not reciprocal
Astra – memories
Azalia is loneliness
Turkish carnation – you have no equal
Peas is fragrant – I live for you
The yoghurt (calendula) – I’m waiting for a kiss
Expert Advice
There are canons of composition of phytocomposites, and they need to be adhered to.

The bouquet must have a strictly odd number of colors. But for big bouquets (more than ten colors) this rule does not apply.
A beautiful noble flower, for example a rose, looks good in a single copy.
Small apartment is not worth decorating color

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