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Constant improvement is a guarantee of the success of the designer

The designer is a profession, and design is a product that needs to be sold. This work requires a lot of dedication. You can become a good designer, but you can not learn the design, because it’s not science.

Of course, in studying specific areas of application design, there are some points to be understood. The designer needs to improve constantly, working on each project.

Types of design professions
Polygraphist or designer of all that is printed (posters, logos, flyers, layout of magazines, booklets, stickers, covers, big boards);
Designer for outdoor advertising (signboards, facades, shop design);
Video designer (everything that moves – commercials, screensavers, cartoons, design of the channel);
3D designer (creating 3D scenes, objects, cartoons);
Web designer (creation of sites for the Internet);
Simply a designer (not a specialization, for example – plottershchik, pokleyschik).
There are, of course, exceptions and universal designers, combining 2 specialties. For example, a video designer can be a very good 3D designer, and create exciting video clips with special effects.

If you have not yet firmly chosen “who exactly to be” – no trouble. For a “foundation”, a peculiar “foundation of a beginner”, it is worthwhile studying programs from the “gentleman’s set” of a good designer. These are 2 programs. One is to work with a raster image (usually Adobe Photoshop), the other one – with a vector (Corel Draw, Illustrator). In a nutshell about the differences. The raster image consists of dots (pixels). When stretching (approximation) the image worsens – squares, dots are visible. The vector image is formed on the basis of mathematical formulas. With its stretching (approximation), the quality of the vector image remains unchanged.

For designers under items 2 and 4, it is important to know the three-dimensional programs (Maya, 3D MAX, Rhino). Knowledge of programs from the “gentleman’s set” is not obligatory, but it would be useful.

For 1 and 5, the situation is diametrically opposed – programs from the “gentleman’s set” are vital, while 3D programs can significantly expand the technical capabilities of the designer.

For the web designer, you also need to know the language of the page layout (HTML), as well as the technical characteristics of both the different versions of HTML language and Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Nescape Navigator, Opera …)

For a video designer (3), you just need a “gentleman’s set”, as well as a program for working with video (Adobe After Effect, Premiere …). Knowledge of 3D programs greatly increases the potential of the designer.

Finally, for study programs – do not get carried away. Remember that the most important thing in creativity is the artist himself, and what kind of brushes he works for is his personal affair. Let it be written at least by pencils – the main thing is that it worked well and liked the artist.

After you have studied the right amount of programs, and made some interesting things on your own – you can safely start a job search.

The personal qualities of the designer first of all should be decency, adequacy, the ability to lead a business and plan time, the ability to evaluate their strength, the desire to constantly learn, diligence. These qualities will help you succeed and find regular customers. From professional – creativity and search for non-standard solutions – these qualities always make the job diverse and interesting. I would also like to note that a good designer is not necessarily a good web designer. A picture that a web designer creates in a graphic editor, before becoming a full-fledged site, will be, at a minimum, through the hands of a designer or programmer. Therefore, when designing a site, you need to have at least a little idea of ​​what happens to the picture before it becomes a full-fledged site.

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