Forensic - modern Sherlock Holmes
Even after the most deliberate crime, there are always evidence. Any little things: a piece of paper, a stove in an ashtray, a footprint from a shoe, a hair, a…

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Forensic – modern Sherlock Holmes

Even after the most deliberate crime, there are always evidence. Any little things: a piece of paper, a stove in an ashtray, a footprint from a shoe, a hair, a fingerprint – all this can help the criminalist in solving the incident.

The criminalist will figure out which weapon the offender shot, determine how these or that damage to the car appeared, as the attacker tried to close the tracks … And no he is not a psychic. Just science! The expert has a lot of means to “talk” finds: a microscope, a photo, an ultraviolet, infrared rays, and much more. His everyday life is continuous hard work, visits to the scene of crime, investigation of material evidence. Murders, robberies, road accidents – with which only you do not have to face a criminalist. The work constantly keeps the tension and hardens the character. In a word, do not get bored!

Fans of your case
Today, criminologists work mainly in law enforcement agencies and expert centers. In the militia, bonuses and benefits provided by the law are being added to the salary. In law enforcement, young people who are seriously enthusiastic about their work are usually employed. They are not afraid of numerous night raids and intensive schedule. The most experienced specialists over time leave the public service and go to work in private structures – centers of expertise that offer services to the forensic laboratory. Here, higher incomes – from $ 1,000. In such laboratories, for example, for an additional examination of an accident, to confirm the authenticity of documents, etc.

Types of expertise:
Identification of the person by fingerprints. Advantages of fingerprinting before other methods are ease of use, convenience and reliability. The expert can determine the sex, weight, height and age of the offender on the tracks of the fingers.

Exploration of ammunition, cold and firearms, and explosions on the ground. The expert will determine the breakthrough force of the weapon, in what way it is made: factory or handmade, whether it is possible to hurt it from itself and under what conditions, from which weapons and from what distance they were firing.

Study of traces left at the crime scene by a person, a vehicle, an instrument of crime. The criminal trawler can determine what object was damaged, establish the method of hacking and damage, determine the model of the car under the imprints of tires, describe the person in the tracks of the legs, teeth, etc.

The handwriting as a business card is the main thesis of expert graphologists. They can determine the personality by hand; to establish the authenticity of the personal signature, to tell in what conditions the manuscript was executed (for example, a letter written in an unusual position – standing or lying), describe the state of the writer (nervous illness, arm injury, intoxication), his attitude to the written, etc.

Study of video materials and sound recordings, recording equipment. The expert will determine whether the fixed speech on a phonogram belongs to a particular person, whether this phonogram or video is made on the provided equipment, etc.

There are many other types of expertise: autoregressive, examination of explosive devices and explosives, technical and forensic examination of documents, etc.

Who is new?
Graduates of colleges usually start a career as an intern, an assistant to an expert in the district department of internal affairs (ATC). Need to be ready at any time to go to the crime scene, find traces left. After about three years of good work, you can choose a narrow specialization in one of the types of expertise or become an investigator-criminalist. If an ATC assistant can be arranged after college, after undergoing retraining courses, then only a person with a higher education may be an expert.

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