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The work of a copywriter is the basis of an advertising campaign

Functional responsibilities
Among the main responsibilities of the copywriter can be designated such as participation in the elaboration of the strategy of the advertising campaign; offer creative ideas to promote promotional products; creation of articles of advertising character, slogans, scenarios; Adaptation and editing of advertising texts.

The main specificity of the work of these specialists is that the copywriter must take into account the wishes of the customers and the management, and not only their “creative” opinion. It often happens that in the process of work the task is re-examined and it is necessary to rework all the material. Or it turns out that the customer did not want to explain it at all.

At the same time, the main difficulty is that the evaluation of the work of the copywriter, as well as creativity in principle, is often subjective. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that one and the same work will have to be reworked many times, even if it seems perfectly executed.

A copywriter in an advertising agency must be able to work in a team, often in an emergency mode and in any environment. A writer who needs a complete silence and a separate office, in order to create, can not become a copywriter.

In addition to the excellent possession of the native language and style of feelings, in most companies the authors of the advertising texts need to know English fluently, including for adapting foreign advertising texts, as well as confidently use the PC and the Internet.

For and against
The main advantage of the profession of copywriter is the wide range of tasks set before it. Working with different formats and genres, a specialist constantly expands his horizons, refines and builds up the necessary skills – he becomes a “professional, multi-player”. In large agencies, where a large staff of copywriters is divided in directions, such an “coverage” may not be, but in a narrow specialization, for example, in writing scripts of radio spells, the copywriter will become an AES. True, to call him will already be a radio advertisement scriptwriter.

The main minus in the work of the copywriter is the lack of opportunity to rest from her. By engaging in the process and beginning to think over the task, the enthusiastic professional continues to indulge in both post-work and weekend, trying to draw ideas from everything that’s going on around.

At the same time, the copywriter necessarily needs “iron nerves”, as well as the ability to come up with “fifty five original slogans of three words about children’s wooden cubes.” On the other hand, the copywriter must also be able to forget about these slogans and make up forty more, because the concept has changed, the expert says.

Cases are financial
The level of salary of a copywriter is influenced by factors such as his experience, place of work, region, and the spread of proposals can be very large. In particular, in the Ukrainian labor market offers for copywriters range from $ 200 to $ 1500-2000 per month. There is also a piece-time payment – for 1000 characters of the text or per unit (slogan, title, script).

A talented copywriter with an artistic taste can quickly grow up to the post of creative director. And you can use this profession as a starting point for the transition to an adjacent area, experts say. For example, quite often, copywriters become account managers, marketing specialists, brand managers, content editors, etc.

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