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The one who works a lot and works well should have a good rest. In the world of serious Western business, this statement has long been an axiom and a…

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Moreover, any phenomenon that acquires such an extent often loses its depth. After reading the popular books like "Psychoanalysis in comics", many, for example, newly-arrived psychophysical students are very surprised…

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Copywriter is a sensible word
A copywriter is the one the brand speaks with. For everything the brand wants to say about the consumer, for how he wants to look, what he calls, what he…

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The phytodizayner is a gardener and a psychologist in one bottle

It would seem that it might be better: you sit in a warm room, make flower arrangements, enjoy the contemplation of roses and lilies, talk with thick sums, fascinated by the beauty created by your hands. But this is only the visible side of the profession of phyto-designer – his work is much heavier than it appears from the outside.

Flora attendants
Let’s start with the fact that a florist (also called phytodesigner and arranger of flowers) needs a lot to know. The fact is that phytodizainerika is a science and a craft (albeit not without elements of art). And not so new, the profession of phyto-designer, will be older than many. Even the ancient Egyptians decorated their dwellings with flowers, made them garlands for holidays. In any era, such specialists have found application to their talents. True, they called them at different times in different ways: the gardener, the flower garden, the gardener.

What is phyto-designer doing? If in two words – it is a flower arrangement. Those who are “born gardener” can not do without knowledge in the field of botany, agronomy, biology, chemistry. A specialist surrounded by flowers should know what the plant is called from, where it comes from, how to look after it, how a particular flower coexists with “colleagues”, which fertilizers and pesticides must be used in one way or another, which potted plants are better to choose for or another interior. Therefore, yesterday’s biologist will gladly meet in the flower salon (if, of course, he will complete special courses and add to the theoretical knowledge the skills to make flower compositions). Plus, you need to understand the trends in floral fashion, know what are the design principles, what are the design styles, and so on.

In addition to the fact that the “flower specialist” is obliged to be a high professional in his field, he must become a psychologist as well – it is obliged to work with people! The phytodisigner needs to look for an approach to each client, guessing what the buyer needs. His goal is to do everything for the customer to be satisfied with the purchase and, naturally, with the actions of the phyto-designer.

People who have been working in this field for a long time, believe that you need to go to such a profession only if you have both knowledge and certain personal qualities. Firstly, artistic taste, fantasy and love for flowers are necessary – in fact, even having beautiful flowers at its disposal, one can make an ugly composition. The heads of the relevant firms are trustworthy with phyto-designers with artistic education. As for the love of flowers, experienced phyto-designers talk about “green fingers” as a special gift to work with plants. Without such a gift to “tame” the flowers, and even more so to reach the heights in this profession is difficult. Secondly, the phyto-designer must be patient, industrious, neat: for plants it is necessary to look after daily, to handle them gently. Thirdly, the true phyto-designer is the one who is not afraid to experiment (nobody has canceled the recognized canons, but the ability to create not patterns is always in the price). A creative person can fully realize himself in this profession without limiting himself to any limits. However, without having a great fantasy, it is easy to find yourself in the “Department of the Goddess of Flowers”, creating classical bouquets.

Educational stages
It is important that a potential phytodesigner likes to study. It is said that a good specialist should strive for knowledge throughout his life. In the world of flowers constantly new items appear; something that was fashionable a few years ago today is considered vulgar and ugly.

In the capital of floral fashion, Holland, as well as in Germany, future phytodesigners are taught about five years in public schools, then in universities, then in master classes. In Russia, the process of preparing greenery is not so long. Higher education in order to engage in flowers is not required, but in the university and do not learn phytodisigners. But there are many special courses on floristics, in large cities there are private schools of phyto-designers, because there is no special knowledge here. Ask the person to make a flower arrangement from the street – and you will receive something unobtrusive, and besides, not really packed ordinary bouquet. The duration of training in such institutions varies from a few weeks to three years. Practitioners believe that studying the basics of this profession is needed for at least two months. It is clear that in three to four weeks it’s unrealistic to become a professional – you can only get some idea of ​​how to look after “poppy foxes”, to master several decorative techniques. The longer a person learns, the more knowledge he acquires.

However, it is necessary to immediately determine what information you need, and dance from the stove. Think enough for yourself to be able to make a decent bouquet – choose a two-month course. Here they will give a base, will learn to handle the tool, make bouquets, decorate gifts – that is, they will put their hand. Lecture of the basic course is usually read at a very fast pace, classes can be either every day or several times a week

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