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The designer is a stylish profession

The desire of the consumer to “make it beautiful” implies high requirements for the quality and appearance of the goods. Not to mention the highest level – the uniqueness of the brand image. Professionals in this profile are in demand.

Historical background: the origin of the word “design” in the Italian “disegno” – so in the Renaissance period designate the projects, drawings and the underlying ideas. In the sixteenth century, in England, the concept “design” appears, which has survived to the present day, and literally translates into meaningful development, design (as well as design, drawing, pattern). In Russian, the concept of “design” was transformed into a design art, closely related to the figurative.

Simply a design?
The scope of application of design knowledge and ideas is grandiose: they are present everywhere and in everything that surrounds us. In addition to the most popular interior designers and designers, designers often need graphics and packaging, advertising, as well as transport, landscape, accessories design and jewelry, industrial, web design, textile, sunglasses and even the environment. The term “design” is applicable to any type of activity.

In our country the attitude towards designers was similar to the attitude of free artists. In fact, the creators are both those and the other, the only difference is that the designer creates works not for the sake of art, but for the customer and must have a clear idea about the needs of the client. The tasks of the designer are determined by the demands of society, and, by the way, not impulsive impulses of creative nature. And to realize another’s idea is not easy. It’s no less difficult to do this than to come up with your own. For example, the customer says: “I need something restrained in the English spirit, but at the same time friendly and cozy.” Do you know what that could be? If yes, then you are a natural designer!

Doubtiness of the situation
There are many job offers. It’s not easy to get settled. Why? Technical progress is not worth the place. New features of computer software allow you to create more diverse products. Naturally, the requirements of employers to designers also increase (the presence of artistic skills and creativity is not even discussed). The duties and requirements imposed on the designer depend on the specifics of the work.

Graphic design specialists or graphic designers are most in demand (see chart). This is not wise – today the creation of any type of printed matter can not be avoided without the participation of the designer. Polygraphic design includes advertising design (auctions, business cards, postcards, booklets), packaging design and printing (books, magazines, brochures). In the polygraphic design can find the work of specialists of two types: with artistic or technical education. The first are usually engaged in the development of the style of the publication, create illustrations, which are scanned and entered in the PC. They have to deal with painting, drawing techniques, foundations of composition, sculpture and even psychology.

Representatives of another type of specialists – graduates of technical universities – perfectly understand computer technology and perfectly own a package of graphic programs. It’s important to note that polygraph jobs are usually performed on Macintosh computers (MACs), rather than on user-acquired PCs. There is a kind of “gentlemen” set of graphics programs that a design specialist should have: CorelDgaw, Free HAND, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel PhotoPaint, Painter, Illustrator. As a rule, computer scientists are the first to master web-design – creation and registration of pages on the Internet (on demand – the second place in the labor market).

The third place belongs to designers-designers. This profession arose as a result of publishers’ aspirations to accelerate the publishing process and (what to hide!) To save money. It is difficult to say whether the combination of diversified professions is positively reflected in the quality of work (imagine a costume designer), but designers-layout-makers are in great demand. They need additional knowledge of the QuarkXPress or Adobe PageMaker 7 programs.

Silent interview
The process of employing designers has its own peculiarities. Interview with a candidate for a vacancy is practically silent. Because the most important for any designer is portfolio, that is, samples of works.

Most employers are of the opinion that examples of works in many ways “speak” about the designer better than any words. It is a good portfolio, and not the ability to talk about their successes, gives the specialist a chance to get a job. ” The way of employment is chosen by each designer at his own discretion. You can work as a freelance artist under your own brand name or even in your design studio. Competitors today abound, but really a cool specialist will not be left without work. The easier way is to work as a permanent designer in a company, publishing house or advertising agency. This kind of activity is less creative, but more stable. However, it is not always necessary to look for work,

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