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Designer clothes. Where to study a profession?

Not many graduates from professional colleges in the sewing industry would like to dedicate the chosen business to life. But the acquired skills: aesthetic flair, artistic taste, creative imagination are successfully applied by them in other spheres of life.

The beginning
In Ukraine, and in particular, Kiev has a lot of educational institutions – they used to be called SPTU, where one can learn from a seamstress, a tailor, a tailor. For example, the Kiev Higher Professional School of Service and Design (Baumana St., 8), the Kiev Higher Professional School of Clothing Design Technology (Yuri Gagarin Avenue, 22), the College of Art Modeling (5, Prosveshcheniya St.).

Many, not knowing in the sewing business, confuse the professions of seamstresses and tailors. For connoisseurs, this is a matter of professional pride, because tailors are more qualified specialists and in small clothing companies often perform the functions of a tailor and even a fashion designer. When choosing an educational institution, you should definitely ask what specialists they are preparing and where the practice takes place: at the studio, in the salons and or in the garment factories. If you just need to learn how to sew, to make money faster or have a “spare” profession without planning a career in this area, there may well be evidence of the qualification level of the seamstress profession. But those who have far-sighted plans must necessarily study individual tailoring. Moreover, the same attention should be paid both to theories and to practice. In the listed educational institutions there are no unnecessary items. In the future, equally useful as aesthetics, materials science, and sewing technology and equipment.

However, in recent years in many large studios and salons of individual tailoring, the conveyor system of work is successfully applied: tailors’ brigades are formed, in which each person is responsible for his work area. Such a scheme of work provides higher productivity, but professionals lose their qualifications. In order to realize itself fully qualified specialists have to take orders for a house, acting as a fashion designer and a tailor or mastering another stage in the garment industry – the profession of fashion designer.

By the way, you do not always have to start your training with a professional college. Those who are good at sewing (practice thanks to the Burda Magazine, good school preparation or just talent) is worth learning from the profession of tailor. You can get it again at a vocational college or just finish the course. And at the same time seriously to think about: where to go to study to become a fashion designer. However, now it is customary to say “designer”.

Choosing a school
Certainly, the Kiev National University of Technology and Design (Nemirovich-Danchenko Str., 2) is out of competition. This eminent state university has released many no less famous graduates. Those who want to fill their rows, again, need to pay attention to both theory and practice. Often, those who absolutely do not have the knowledge of mathematics, geometry, and did not even study the drawing, go to the designer. But the knowledge of this profession is very useful. In order not to retrain, it is important to choose the right faculty. If you plan to become a designer-fashion designer, and in the future even open your studio, of course, you need to storm the faculty of design, specialization: “Artistic modeling”, “Design of clothes”, “Textile design”. If you are just interested in working in the light industry, you can prepare for admission to less prestigious faculties, where the competition is less, and training is no less qualitative: technological, chemical and economic faculties.

There are also other educational institutions in Kiev: the Kyiv State Institute of Decorative Arts and Design (32 Kikvidze Street), the Institute of Design (34 Petropavlovskaya St.) is an educational institution under the Society of Designers of Ukraine. In any case, you need to be prepared for the fact that even having a diploma from an eminent institution, you will have to work for some time an ordinary seamstress or tailor in some salon, fill your hand, turning it into customers. The more customers are, the better. It was they who pushed up all the now-famous designers.

By the way, there are currently very big opportunities for opening their own business and their brand, which is explained by the demand for the “clothing” of the local market. People are tired of clothing markets and clothing of the same type. On the other hand, in this direction, competition will increase every year.

According to designers, those who will invest a lot of money in their training will stand: studying at renowned high schools, preparing designers in Italy, France, Spain, internship abroad, trips to conferences, seminars, participation in contests. The sewing business in our country is becoming more prestigious and promising. Work in this direction provides a lot of opportunities for creative realization, career growth and the prospect of working “for yourself”. Everything depends entirely on the enthusiasm and love of one’s business.

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