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Pharmacists during the crisis: a wide choice and a subtle approach

As a result of the deepening of the economic crisis, we are now witnessing a wave of staff cuts, involving not only representatives of different professions, but, unfortunately, different countries. Yes, in Ukraine today is registered 932 thousand the unemployed, and by the end of the year their number may grow by 3 times, forecast at the State Employment Center. And if the first ones were hit by the beginning of the year mainly by economists and bankers, then the latter also touched upon the scope of pharmacy, distribution, and industrial trade.

The number of vacancies continues to decrease. So, according to the State Employment Center, in December 2008 their number decreased by 2 thousand, at the end of January 2009 – by 500. Thus, the number of applicants for one place now on average is 11 people, according to the State Employment Service .

At first glance, a very favorable situation for employers – the offer on the labor market is significantly higher than demand, which means that there is someone to choose from.

However, not everything is so clear, believes senior consultant recruiting company Brain Source International Natalia Lukyanenko. There is a reverse side of the medal. Indeed, the number of job seekers has increased significantly, but does it say about the professionalism of applicants? According to statistics, the first under the wave of cuts were nevertheless the least efficient workers.

In a situation where companies need to sharply and quickly reduce their costs, first of all they get rid of conjuncture specialists, that is, those who chose the scope of activities, not based on their true abilities and interests. And along with them under the cutting fall and young professionals – the expectation of disclosing a beginner as a professional, companies believe, it is expensive enough. At the same time, if you look into the distant future, the loss of a promising employee can cost even more. In addition, loss of work space, long unsuccessful new search can push a job seeker to agree on any job, and therefore, casual people are increasingly coming to HR managers.

How to distinguish in the growing army of applicants of a specialist? How has the crisis changed the labor market for the pharmaceutical industry? How has the Ukrainian applicant and employer changed?

Pharmacists have remained in the winner
It should be noted that from all markets it was precisely the pharmaceutical economic downturn that affected the least. Indeed, some pharmaceutical companies had to cut their staff, mainly due to non-core workers and young professionals. It is clear that the number of applicants has increased, but really deserving attention among them no longer. Just before, in order to find, for example, a medical representative, it was necessary to find a way to attract worthy candidates, now that the choice has become wider, among them there are a large number of those who have experience in such a position and correspond to many other necessary requirements.

It can also be said that the current crisis has changed the Ukrainian employer, which nonetheless continues to develop and hire new employees. In some cases, paradoxically, not only the filling of vacant posts, but the target set of new employees. At the same time, companies have become more demanding. So, if before the employer was quite ready to compromise and accept any lack of skills, in the current situation, such concessions are allowed less frequently – too wide choice and high competition among the applicants.

The question remains open about how to find the applicant best suited to occupy a vacant place?

Nowadays, the standard procedure for recruiting staff includes a number of techniques, built up taking into account the requirements of a particular position and company. With the onset of the crisis, these requirements tend to become increasingly clear, claiming objectivity and transparency. Education, skills, experience in this field and often even external data constitute a list of necessary criteria for participation in the competition for the replacement of a vacant post. Today’s employer is not

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