The director's work in contemporary theater
The director's work is very similar to God's work, so there is a big risk of playing. The process of uniqueness of creativity is very important in this business. Director…

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Media Planner - the privilege of advertising agencies
Mediaplaner is the scheme of the most profitable investment of funds allocated by the firm for "promotion" of its name, goods or services. Who is that Although the word is…

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Forensic - modern Sherlock Holmes
Even after the most deliberate crime, there are always evidence. Any little things: a piece of paper, a stove in an ashtray, a footprint from a shoe, a hair, a…

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Specialties in the field of advertising

Customer Service Manager
In an advertising agency such manager carries out a number of duties. He is engaged in the search of customers, providing them with information about the company’s services, negotiating by telephone and personally, generating a general scheme of work, that is, planning what kind of advertising and how much each client needs, calculates the cost of all services for the manufacture, placement, registration and registration of the ordered products. In addition, he needs to keep an account of all the customers, because some advertising requires an extension after a certain time.

In small agencies, it often has a direct bearing on the creative process, for example, helping them to make the right text or offering a layout variant for placement in the press. The professionalism of the manager is very important, because the client works first with the person, and then with the organization. And the fact that a representative of the agency will be able to interest the advertiser, how relevant are his offers, depends on whether the company will have a new order. These functions are usually performed by an employee with any higher education and sales experience. He also needs a knowledge of the PC (MS Office, Internet) at the user level.

The start-up salary of the client manager usually varies from 300 to 600 y. However, this symbolic fixed amount is only a part of the total earnings – there are also bonuses and percentages. It must be understood that at the moment no one gets a large salary. If a specialist works well, keeps his old clients and attracts new ones, then his income is steadily growing.

Advertising Manager
The work of an advertising officer of a large company requires a lot of responsibility. The responsibility of the manager is to search for agencies that will implement certain ideas of an advertising campaign, conceived by the management of the organization. It often happens that different types of products are ordered by different performers, which means that it is necessary to compare prices for certain types of advertising and the quality of final products. It is also necessary to negotiate, not only with representatives of agencies, but also with those who have already used their services to check the reliability of the intended partner. After all, firms, especially large ones, spend very big money on their campaigns, and it is important for them to get the corresponding result.

Often, managers are required, by adhering to the general advertising concept and fitting into the allocated budget, to solve some kind of local tasks. For example, arrange an exhibition or choose an optimal artist for printing booklets. It happens that the advertising manager has to deal with other things – it depends on how many employees are in the staff of the department.

The level of the load also corresponds to the salary. More often it varies within 500-700 y. e. In small organizations, all issues relating to advertising are often dealt with by one person, practically replacing a whole department. Therefore, he usually receives 700-1200 y. e and even more. When hiring from a job applicant, as a rule, not only the higher education and the possession of the PC, but also the experience of the position of the same employee of the advertising department or manager in the advertising agency are required.

The work of this specialist consists in the creation of advertising modules, labels, logos, signboards, etc. In other words, it depends on how advertising products will look. Each kind of images has its own features, which must be taken into account by the performer. For example, when creating ad units for placement in the press, it is important to come up with a recognizable and memorable layout so that all necessary elements are combined with it: the logo of the organization, corporate colors, the name of the advertised object, an explanation of why it is so attractive to the buyer and, most importantly, where it can be purchased.

The designer must be able, without overloading the image with unnecessary information, to highlight the main thing, presenting it in the most advantageous light. Booklets, flyers, brochures and other options for printed advertisements are designed to give people a desire to read them to the end, which is very difficult at the present abundance of information. There is a lot to do with the designer’s ability. Only a non-standard approach: unusual color solutions, fonts, layout of text and pictures – will attract a fastidious consumer. Creating logos and labels is a special job. The success of the brand in the market depends on its success.

Another sphere of application of design talents is the creation of outdoor advertising (signboards, pillars, billboards, etc.). Here you need to be able not only to make something unique, but also to take into account how the final version will look on the street, whether it will dissociate itself with objects already existing there.

The designer of an advertising agency, as a rule, specializes in something else, such as creating outdoor advertising, but does this work for different customers. And his colleague from the advertising department of the company

Work of the director in modern theater
The director's work is very similar to God's work, so there is a big risk of playing. The process of uniqueness of creativity is very important in this business. Director…


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