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Phone Marketing: Pros and Cons

Telephone marketing is the lion’s share of direct marketing and is, in fact, advertised by telephone. This form of sales allows you to save energy costs both to the buyer and to the selling side – consumers can quickly find them.

Telephone marketing is by no means inferior to personal sales, reducing time, materials and transportation costs. Telephone communication provides a full-fledged two-way contact (if it is not an advertisement on the tape), during which the client can ask questions of interest and receive comprehensive answers. If a marketer understands that a person does not belong to a circle of potential buyers, then he can quickly close the contact. Live communication in a few minutes provides more opportunities than a 30 second ad. According to statistics, the number of responses to telephone marketing significantly exceeds the level of responses to media advertising.

The minuses of telephone marketing include tyranny of telephone calls. In most cases, if the call has no relation to the consumer, it causes a negative reaction. Particularly annoying subscribers are the proposals that go on recording on the film. Some telephone companies in the West offer users services for rejecting calls with promotional offers using number identifiers. Despite the disadvantages of telephone marketing, more and more firms are using it in their practice.

Two types of phone marketing: incoming and outgoing
Inbound telephone marketing is carried out by the buyer, and this kind is impossible without a preliminary organizational stage, where the main part of the work comes to direct advertising. Moreover, the peak of the activity of consumers comes immediately after the submission of an advertisement: if the advertisement was on television, then the bulk of calls are received within the next 10 minutes. Companies that do not advertise their products or services constantly can not cope with the flow of calls for technical reasons: in addition to psychological readiness, it is also necessary to have appropriate equipment capable of coping with massive calls. Therefore, they, most often, turn to specialized agencies, where professionals work with calls.

With outgoing telephone marketing, calls to potential customers are carried out by representatives of the company. It is this type of marketing that causes the greatest rejection of the consumer, especially if he is not professional. In order to reduce the resistance of a potential client and increase the efficiency of communication, it is necessary to take into account the properties of auditory perception:

The treatment should be simple and easy, without gimmicky turns and use of specific terminology, if you do not talk with a narrow specialist;
The appeal should be short: nobody will want to discuss your offer for more than 2-3 minutes, it is also useful to immediately notify the client that you will not take much time;
You do not need to go into detailed and complex descriptions of the properties or the principle of the proposed product – this information can be forwarded by direct mail advertising;
An appeal should attract attention from the first seconds of the conversation. You should think over the phrase-conversation, which would contain the highlight of your sentence, it is precisely it that should convince a potential client to listen to the caller.
And then “he who has ears will hear” and may become a regular customer.

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