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Merchandiser is a reliable springboard for a successful career in the trade

Now Merchandiser profession is hardly the most demanded in the field of trade. The success of a company directly depends on the professionalism of merchandisers, namely, the ability to compete with companies the sameof profile.

A customer of souls
Merchandiser – is a specialist in promotion of goods at retail outlets. It appeared in the 1930s in the United States. Merchandising in its pure form is the control of the presence of goods in the trading shelves in supermarkets, and its quality (shelf life, quality of packaging, etc.)

Also distinguish visual merchandising, that is, presentation of goods in the trading space. According to specialists in the field of marketing, with the help of visual merchandising tools (with competent use), sales can be increased by 80%. The successful design of a trading room and the right lighting, undoubtedly, stimulate the customer to buy. In the function of merchandising sometimes also includes the organization of promotional events and presentations, holding tastings. Knowing the needs of different categories of consumers, Merchandiser can become an excellent advertiser. On the other hand, he has a lot in common with the commodity – these specialists must understand well the consumer properties of the goods.

Merchandising as art
Merchandiser functions seem fairly simple. It is advantageous to locate the product, track the presence of price tags and the entire range of products of a particular brand. But this is only at first glance! Marking every detail, the merchandiser must at the same time keep a general picture in the field of view. When visiting supermarkets, you probably noticed that there are chocolate bars, soluble coffee bags and other small things near the box office – the so-called “impulse” product, which buyers usually get by accident. A beginner in the field of trade may not have thought about this, and for merchandisers they are axioms. Why in one supermarket the search for a product takes much less time, queues move faster, and the goods-new items are located most profitable? Plus, everything is a pleasant atmosphere, which has a wanderer’s length. If a person is not in a hurry, of course. There are many reasons why one supermarket attracts more than the other. And the role of merchandisers in this business is not the last. Promotion of the product, or merchandising, is a real art. In the supermarket there are some laws, in the boutique there are others, in the store of children’s toys – the third ones. After all, children are a special category of buyers. Getting into the supermarket of toys, they feel like they are in a fairy tale. Museum rules like “do not touch hands” only push and offend small buyers.

One merchandiser, revealing the secrets of his work, noticed that he specifically invited his niece to the department of children’s toys where he works. A six-year-old baby, like an auditor, walks along shelves with toys and appreciates toys that are beautifully or ugly. The staff watches her with a fading heart, for fear of a harsh sentence. As a result of such “campaigns” the girl pushed sellers to interesting ideas, and now in the store toys are bought really more actively.

Merchandisers are called “experts in buying souls,” because in their work they take into account many factors that affect customers. It has already been proven: the floral smell stimulates sales in shoe stores, and with the help of the right rhythm of music, it is possible to influence their speed of movement of visitors through the trading floor. The “golden shelf” rule is generally considered to be a classic. So called a shelf, located at the level of the buyer’s eyes – the goods on this shelf are sold best. After all, to bend or pull up, you need to make an effort, and to the “golden shelf” is only a hand to stretch out.

A springboard for a successful career
To be engaged in work, the merchandiser does not have to have experience in the field of trade. Of course, this is a plus in the work, but not a mandatory condition at all. Often, large western companies and now domestic companies themselves are preparing training for merchandisers. Such practices exist, for example, in Philip Morris, Mead Johnson Nutritionals and take one to two weeks. Applicants who have passed the competitive selection, are trained in product characteristics, product standards, effective communication with sales representatives, sales managers. You can refine your skills at monthly merchandising workshops, where experts share experiences and discuss product innovations. After training, there is a mandatory practice in supermarkets, where many merchandisers are left to work, and some after a while make a good career in the field of commerce.

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