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Prysschik Portrait of the hero

PR – transcription of the English abbreviation PR or public relations, which in the approximate translation means “public relations”.

Sometimes PP workers are called public relations specialists. This, of course, is closer to the Russian language, but it sounds long and does not completely express the essence of the profession. Therefore, we will use the stable expression “pryaschik”.

One of the definitions of the tasks of a good PR specialist is the following: “Building a sustainable business reputation and image in the eyes of society.”

The word combination RR was commissioned by American President Thomas Jefferson in 1807, and after hundred years Ford began to deliberately influence the public consciousness. It was this corporation that conducted the first public opinion poll and issued the first corporate journal.

It is officially believed that the PR was reborn after the Chernobyl catastrophe, when there was an urgent need to save the reputation of not an individual but a whole country. But in fact this, of course, is not so.

Just in Soviet times, the PR was most often replaced by frontal propaganda and direct manipulation. Therefore, many of our politicians continue to believe that it is easy to manage social consciousness without the use of sophisticated technologies.

In the West, PR is considered a serious profession requiring long-term training, long practice, knowledge of the foundations of psychology, sociology, marketing and advertising. Following these ideas, our universities open faculties and advanced training courses. They retell the content of the “Bible” of RR – the book by Sam Black Public relations, illustrating the theses with examples from practice.

Meanwhile, in our PR is actually determined by one word – communication.

It is possible to long comprehend the theoretical foundations of this profession, but to be completely helpless when faced with reality. To put in the media the necessary information is possible for money, but you can, having agreed with the familiar journalist. To make the move “useful” for the company rumors, to organize a presentation, a mention of the firm in television news … What else in the countries, either very expensive or prohibited by law, is possible thanks to acquaintances and mutual services.

In the West, the PP specialist is often the second or third party in the firm. We still have a long way to go, but today there is a hunt for a person with ties. At the same time, it is important that he has had informal acquaintances with someone from government officials, municipal authorities, television and newspaper editors. Education, the previous profession is not the most important. Successful experience, adaptability and quick mind – that’s what is appreciated today.

Unlike an advertising manager, a PR specialist distributes information that does not directly force a person to buy a product or service. It forms the image of the company, the product, the events.

For example, the company produces goods in conditions of fierce competition. It was decided to promote it under the flag of ecology. At the advertising level, it is not possible to implement this statement. Hence, it is necessary to prepare the soil – to pay attention to the ecological catastrophe that threatens our life, to introduce in consciousness the need precisely in such a product, the belief in its indispensability, etc. All this is achieved by hidden advertising – interviews with scientists provoked by sociological surveys, etc.

The PR, despite apparent clarity, is extremely complex and dependent. There is a term – work in a crisis flow. It takes place when there is a threat of reputation or attack of competitors. Then there is nobody more important than a PR specialist. He must correctly and accurately react to the situation, control literally every publicly-spoken word, write speeches for his leadership, and even speak with lawyers in the courts.

But worst of all, perhaps, you have to do with those who are engaged in political PR, that is, it creates and promotes the image of politicians. Here the main work begins in the pre-election period. There are a lot of books about electoral technologies. But there is little where you can get acquainted with those methods that are often used in the domestic political force. For example, the introduction of single-name candidates in one site, the initiation of support for the opponent of the sex minority, the distribution of leaflets by the opponent on the windshields of cars (which causes irritation) and the organization of night calls is supposedly also from the opponent. More “thin” methods of increasing the number of polls are considered, when, as a result, voters cease to go to elections. Or the publication of false ratings to increase psychological pressure on a competitor, falsifying ballot papers, etc.

Political PR is the hardest and uncompromising work on which there are people who are volitional and, to tell the truth, not too burdened with ethical standards.

The PR is not just a set of knowledge and intentions. This is a special warehouse of character that allows you to be in the thick of events all the time, to forget your interests, to give in to principles and to respect personal devotion. A good PR manages a consumer (spectator, voter), which is called a spinal cord, and immediately reacts to the words

PR specialist in the labor market
Working as experts, recruiters should guarantee their clients that the best of the free professionals on the labor market are selected on their orders. Basic selection criteria: competence, specialization in…


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