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Profession: P.O.S.-specialist

Times, when companies-manufacturers counted only on advertising in the media, behind. Today, large corporations order a full package of services that includes all existing mechanisms.

Each buyer, having come to the store, faces a problem of choice. The same product is offered by different manufacturers. The trade mark count goes to dozens or even hundreds. And the quality of products is sometimes almost the same. For those who are not accustomed to compiling predefined multi-page product lists and are not ready to maintain their loyalty to one brand all their lives, P.O.S.-technologies – advertising mechanisms that work directly in sales places are calculated.

Power in diversity
Abbreviation P.O.S. (Point of Sales materials) means advertising materials located at places of sale of goods and services. Initially, this term was called printed matter: posters, leaflets. Later, when it became clear that the scope P.O.S. the polygraph has grown, this segment has emerged in a separate area of ​​advertising work. There are their technologies, strategies, methods of work. And as a result, there was an urgent need for professionals who not only know how to produce colorful and memorable materials, but they can also create something new to the real, capable of capturing the buyer’s attention and ultimately pushing it into a purchase.

At the moment, the market for P.O.S. technologies is one of the fastest growing segments of the advertising business. In the process, dozens of specialists are involved, starting with marketers and ending with workers.

Who is P.O.S. specialist?
This versatile person responsible for developing a strategy and the output of the final product for the promotion of goods or services at the sales points, able to generate the idea and implement it in accordance with the wishes of the customer, the ultimate goal of the campaign, the generalized image of the buyer, advertising budget and many other factors.

The Century of High Technologies introduced its adjustments to the development of the P.O.S.-sector. We are talking about the rapid development of computer media. All kinds of displays, monitors, lighting installations can cope with the task in many cases better than traditional polygraphy. Accordingly, in the price of technical specialists who are able to use new technologies. By the way, some market players in principle have ceased to consider paper advertising media P.O.S.-materials and work only with electronic ones.

Qualities needed by P.O.S. specialist:
non-standard thinking
artistic taste
high working capacity
good communicative skills.
The work of P.O.S., a specialist in a large company, begins with the task statement. In most cases, each ad campaign has a specific task in addition to the overall goal of increasing sales. Depending on what the customer wants to achieve, different technologies, techniques and materials are used.

Bringing a new brand to the market. When a new product appears on sale, the goal of an advertising campaign is to introduce the end-user to the brand, to excite curiosity in it and the desire to experience the novelty on itself. The main role in this case, of course, is played by advertising in the media and outdoor advertising. As a result, the intrigued buyer comes to the store and … does not find what he needs. It means that P.O.S.-specialists did not work. Could not inform about the novelty directly at the place of sale. In order for “acquaintance” to take place, advertising posters, flyers, stretch marks, non-standard registration of counters are used. In many large stores there are plasma TV panels that “spin” commercials about the latest.

Retention of interest in an already familiar product. The buyer decides every time to choose from a variety of products. How to make your yogurt appear in a basket or cart? It is necessary to convince the consumer that this product is superior to the product of competitors in all the articles: it is cheaper, more delicious, more useful, better packed. A new task generates other approaches to advertising at the point of sale – somehow you need to highlight your product. For example, in large stores, Danone installs near the counters with products of its children’s line of cute dinosaur Dino. The bright billboard in addition to the advertising load also has a practical function – with its help you can measure the height of the child. As a result, everyone is happy: the baby will find out how many centimeters he grew up during the “flight in a dream,” and the parents still from the distance noticed the desired showcase.

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