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The main tasks of the marketer

The modern market is absolutely unpredictable. And, nevertheless, he lives according to strict laws. They need to be known to “use” to achieve maximum business results – this is the main task of a marketer.

Cold calculation or intuition?
“Maximum result” – the concept is wide. And what exactly does this specialist do?

At first glance, their work looks pretty boring. Sit and learn what changes are taking place in the global market, how much the advertising budget of a competitor has grown, what this can be and how to influence the development of a business.

On the other hand, every task they solve requires a creative approach. How to create branded products, how to properly run an advertising company, how to improve the product, through whom to organize and establish an effective dealer system, where to pave the way for the prompt promotion of goods …

The work of a marketer is a combination of the system and the immediate nature of the person. There are two sides in it – technology and art. Strategy development, branding is a technology, process content. And art is already working with people, which requires soul and talent, imagination. After all, attracting customers is communication, a game, a show.

Excited demand
A marketer is considered one of the most promising specialties. This is confirmed by the discovery of new specialized departments and faculties in high schools, where young people, as teachers and administration promise, will make “geniuses in the field of market management”.

Marketing research is an incredibly interesting professional life. Although learning from a marketer is not really fun at all, rather the reverse. “Seeds” of future germs appear at the stage of special education. Even if they do not teach anything specific (in some universities, the teaching of marketing disciplines is rather vague), young people will have a powerful theoretical basis, on which it is already easier to build further practical training. Without this knowledge, you will remain self-taught, and even if you achieve genuine success, it’s not very soon. It is right to “present” yourself, convince the leadership that marketing is not your personal blessing, but an economically necessary step for the development of this business, only if there is something to argue. And the skill itself will not come – this will be taught by the high school.

“Scary” for the entrant
Of course, the entrant’s main headache is the upcoming exams. But it is very important to calculate your strength not only for several “hot entry days”, but for the next five to six years. Read the following lines, and maybe they will help you draw the appropriate conclusions.

After the arrival, only everything starts. And in front of the newly graduated students there is enough trials. Future profession requires much. Including a solid general economic knowledge.

Students learn how to best utilize company resources and maximize profits. And for this we need to be able to count well. It is precisely from the account that the understanding of the basics of marketing begins.

In addition to mathematics and computer science, in the first two years of study the computer disciplines, (students call them compote), philosophy, history, political science. Of course, there is nowhere to go from purely economic disciplines: economics and finance, statistics, commodity science, and office work.

Marketers must be able to manage not only the market, goods, but also those who consume them. Therefore, not the last place among general-purpose objects occupies a block of communicative disciplines: consumer behavior, advertising, interaction with clients, communicative influence, logic psychology, sociology, culturology.

From about the second year of studying “pocketed” economic knowledge, students begin to dedicate to holy holy marketing. This is the analytical preparation of marketing decisions, marketing research, analysis of competitors, product management, communications, advertising, PR, personal sales.

At the same time, you are familiar with the methods of work used by the marketer: all kinds of surveys, testing, focus groups, analytical studies. And also software products that help to process and analyze the information received.

Finally, the turn goes to the study of the basics of marketing in various industries and spheres of activity: industry, services, international business, banking, information market, law, trade, e-commerce. In general, marketing is a purely practical science. Therefore, students are very active, and not only during practice, they are immersed in solving real problems, the emphasis is on active forms of learning: specific game situations. Future market players will participate in a variety of training sessions and seminars.

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