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Media Planner – the privilege of advertising agencies

Mediaplaner is the scheme of the most profitable investment of funds allocated by the firm for “promotion” of its name, goods or services.

Who is that
Although the word is unknown to everyone, there is a lot of demand for media planes. A professional media planner in a large company may well count on a salary of $ 1,500. As for small organizations, they pay less, but still quite impressive: most likely, the director will assign a salary of at least $ 400.

So who is this man? What does he devote to his precious working time in the direct sense of the word? Approximate conclusion, in general, can be made from the very name of the profession. Of course, the media planner is doing some sort of planning (from English to plan), and, probably, his activities relate to the media (mass media). If you speak for sure, then the media planner is the scheme of the most profitable investment of funds allocated by the firm to “promote” their name, goods or services.

This profession belongs to the sphere of advertising business. The divisions of mediaplannerov – the necessity and privilege of advertising agencies, and only solid companies can afford such an expensive pleasure. For services of mediaplannerov, as, however, and for other advertising services, the specialized agencies appeals to the vast majority of firms.

Mathematics plus horoscope
Mediaplanners are most commonly people aged 20 to 30 years. Going to a media plantender makes sense immediately after the institute or at the beginning of your work, having accumulated little experience on other advertising positions. There are no clear requirements for education, although the presence of a competitor in a technical university diploma speaks in favor of his mathematical skills and abilities. And without a good relationship with mathematics, a person is unlikely to take place as a media planter.

In addition to the mathematical predisposition, there is another important condition – the general horizons required for the profession. Since the work is to be done with the media, one must imagine their orientation. Understand what events in social life can cause people’s increased interest in newspapers, radio and television. Still need to be guided by social tastes and preferences, to see the difference between the audience of the most diverse media. There is also a third condition – the possession of a computer at the user level. However, today it is obligatory for every person of any business person.

What to do
In our country mediaplaners work professionally for about five years. During this time there were good specialists, but there was not yet a solid system of training. There have not yet arisen authoritative, unconditionally recognized professionals of the units of educational institutions and courses.

So the best debut of the mediaplaner is the immersion in the practical side of the case.

For example, a company that sells electric kettles addresses an advertising agency. She needs to convey information about her product to the client. Information about the potential buyer mediaplanner takes from the marketing department. If he is experienced, then he himself can take advantage of the necessary programs to define this so-called target group. In the case of teapots, the target group is the middle-income women aged 25 to 45 years.

Now you have to calculate those media that are most interested in them. Data from the PaloMars computer program, which stores the TV channels ratings, as well as the Galileo programs, where the ratings of the printed publications are collected, can help. At the same time it is necessary to consider a whole set of parameters. When it comes to television, it is, firstly, the coverage of channels in a day or a week, and secondly, its share among other channels, that is, how many representatives of the target group will be at the same time at a specific time interval. Third, you need to find out the price policy of the channel or publication. Recommendations should be as specific as possible. When it comes to radio and television, it is necessary to specify not only channels, but also programs that the target group will pay attention to.

As a result, the media planner plans for the client a sequence of actions of the advertising company, which will lead to an increase in sales.

Theory and practice
The main enemy of mediaplanner is advertising prices. The budget allocated by the client is limited, and this impedes the scope and does not allow implementation of the best theoretical option. The plan should be maximally effective only within the limits of the funds released to the advertising campaign. It happens that adjustments to the result, provided by the mediplanter, are made by circumstances. Sudden changes to the TV program, for example. Let’s say, television players have replaced the melodrama with a militant and it’s already easy to advertise not electric kettles, but electric razors.

Most often, the basis of the advertising company is television. Radio plays the role of support, and the materials in the press are called to talk about the brand in detail. All these spheres are different from each other, and therefore among the mediaplanterns there are narrow professionals:

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