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Creativist – the seller of unusual ideas

Recently, the original and interesting ideas, namely “creative”, are in great demand. In order to be a salesperson of ideas, you do not need to have special knowledge and prestigious education, only talent is needed.

There is an idea – there is bread
Becoming a “generator” of ideas is not so difficult, you can accept in freelance agencies, offices, clubs, organization of celebrations, etc. Special skills and prestigious education are unlikely to need, you will need to show yourself in the field of original ideas. With every successful work, the price of your thoughts will rise, and the demand for them will increase. This is a creative and interesting work in which every idea can materialize into entirely real monetary units.

“Underwater Stones”
Big plus

quite a simple kind of earnings that does not require physical activity;
the price increase of ulug depends only on you;
creative development and self-realization;
contact with influential people is possible, and these are, accordingly, useful links;
free schedule and full independence;
age and work experience are of little importance.
Bright disadvantages

you are only paid for the actual result;
possible lack of social guarantees and traditional career ladder;
great competition and struggle for a place;
in some cases, there is no guarantee of a permanent and fixed s / n;
no ideas – no money.
Where pay for ideas …
Despite many positive moments, selling your idea is difficult and problematic, and there are not so many “shopping” places.

1) Naiming. In such cases, it is necessary to come up with names for companies, slogans and slogans, commercially interesting domain names, and so on. You can do this kind of activity both on freelance sites and in various agencies. The payment is quite high and the variant of the proceeds of 500usd for the successful name of the firm is quite real. To work in this kind of occupation requires flexible thinking, knowledge of the market of competition and rather good “readability”.

2) Holidays and corporate events. The number of original ideas and ideas in organizing celebrations decreases with each passing year. New and original ideas will be taken very positively and in case of successful execution of the order, your reward will be high. To work in such agencies, it is necessary not only high flying fantasy, but also common sense. You must understand that the implementation of the proposed idea should be simple and commercially viable.

3) “Just” idea. Such classes do not have clear boundaries and the area of ​​activity is very wide. Among the options are: the creation of original ideas in business, scripts for cartoons / productions, the creation of advertising banners and stretchers (ideas) and much more. As a rule, you can find such a job through friends, on thematic and commercial web resources and in creative agencies. For the activity you need the presence of fantasy, new ideas and knowledge of the potential market of services.

General conclusion
The work of a creator is complex and simple at the same time, and also requires you a creative approach and a flexible warehouse of thoughts. Earnings on various ideas can be quite large, but it is very easy to lose. In the market of this kind of services, the number of competitors is constantly increasing and you need really original ideas. On the other hand, this kind of activity develops creative abilities and personal qualities, providing quite good finances. This is the true work of the seller of ideas – the choice is only for you.

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