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PR specialist in the labor market

Working as experts, recruiters should guarantee their clients that the best of the free professionals on the labor market are selected on their orders. Basic selection criteria: competence, specialization in the field of company-employer activity, profile education, personal charisma. The consistency and relevance of the criteria vary depending on the specifics of the project and the functions of the future employee.

So, in the case of recruiting young professionals for the role of “apprentices” and performers, first of all, professional education and competence, adequate to their age, are important. (Let this be the initial experience in student practice in PR agencies or at least a courier in large advertising or media structures. But they saw the “kitchen” from the inside, “they do not need to explain everything from the start).

For future managers of PR projects, regardless of their scale, the first on significance is charisma. A person can have the best university diplomas, a cherished MBA from British and French universities, dozens of professional certificates, and at the same time, it is completely useless for the role of a professional PR leader if he is bored, not sympathetic, not emotional, not contagious. Meeting such expensive specialists (“expensive” literally, due to the cost of education), it remains only to regret the initial systematic mistake in choosing a profession.

The psychotype is given by nature, and for a successful PR specialist, it is important no less than for professional actors or politicians.

Charisma pryshchika
The components of the professional charisma of the PR specialist are communicative, having the appearance and natural charm, enhanced by education in the cultural environment, plus strong leadership and organizational data that allows you to systematically hold scores of parallel tasks in your head and organize their decision at any cost. Ideally, this is also a sanguine, a person with a strong nervous system and, consequently, “healthy” reactions to stress. All together, this is commonly called “good energy”. About competence and specialization

Rarely, any other vacancy causes such a massive influx of resume as the vacancy of a PR manager. Among the applicants, journalists and engineers, mathematicians and forestry technicians, financiers and economists, political scientists and primary school teachers, and, of course, graduates of higher educational institutions with specialization “PR and advertising”. There are two themes here: professional quality and the general level of culture of “PR-specialized” graduates are largely derived from the level of their university. It is not a secret that numerous commercial institutions do not provide sufficient professional training.

On the other hand, the specialization of the business, which will have to work as a PR specialist, gives a special chance to people with a university diploma on the profile of this business: economists for work in PR departments of financial and industrial groups and banking structures, graduates of specialized high schools – in PR departments of IT and telecommunication companies. Of course, given their humanitarian talent and, ideally, additional education in the field of PR and marketing communications.

Specialization is a partial restriction of self-realization of you as a person, but the right path to the most consistent and successful career. Let’s give examples of vacancies in which special requirements are marked in accordance with the specialized experience of candidates.

Prospects in the labor market
Infocommunication services are one of the most promising markets. At the same time, companies related to telecommunications and information technologies face communication problems, the solution of which requires the participation of qualified specialists in marketing and, including, PR-communications: difficult to build relationships with the business environment, the company’s prominence and its products Insufficient, write about the company less than it would be desirable and not always what is necessary; the company only guesses who buys its products and services; the reputation of the company at any moment can be compromised by circumstances or competitors; the company does not have that market impact, which it deserves fairly on the basis of business development and so on.

The role of a PR specialist in a telecommunication or IT company is really complex due to the specifics of this business: it is not easy to explain to the consumer what it will receive as a result of the appearance of a new complex device or technology; new products and solutions come to the market very often. This requires especially high-speed PR support, constant impact on the audience in conjunction with the marketing service of the company (grocery PR). In addition, it is necessary to build stable contacts with the “neighbors” of the business: manufacturers of equipment, integrators, software makers, information system developers. Under the strict attention of the PR-service, all the industry information: new developments in the field of telecommunications and Internet technologies, information about competitors, coming from both themselves and from other sources. The possibility of attracting investment is another important area of ​​approx

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