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Event-manager: work for a holiday person

A business called the event has long existed in the West, whereop pele prefer to pay money and transfer all care about the upcoming event to the shoulders of professionals. In Ukraine, event appeared relatively recently, around the beginning of the 1990s.

“… p.33. Pick up 3 boxes of champagne. p. 34. Buy 3 lighters for a swallow of fire. p. 35. Make it to finance (!!!) “- so your notebook looks like during the New Year’s race. You are destined to organize a grand celebration of the New Year for its small company of 30 people. From morning till night you wear, negotiate, call you, specify … At the same time, you with all “dropped” at your event, moreover, no one canceled the hated work, and this fact, together with the decent financial expenses of the festive mood, does not add.

Confucius spoke: “Find a job for yourself, and there will be no everyday life in your life.” And what if holidays do the work and at the same time receive decent money, the more so that we have holidays with you even more?

It is understandable – in the pre-holiday race, the nerves and a lot of useful time are burned out, so that no fun left any fun. Today, search engines of the Internet on the word combination “organization of holidays” issue thousands of pages. Event – it’s not just holidays, but, as the translation of this English word follows, any event. And firms involved in the organization of celebrations, have their specialization: someone arranges weddings, and someone – party pets. There are also those who organize corporate events. The widest assortment!

What do you need to organize your small, and perhaps big, Event-case?

Get a face
The first thing to do is to legalize your activity. You can create a legal entity, but if you organize business alone, then it is best to become an “individual entrepreneur” – easier taxation and fewer bills. Commercial moment: To organize celebrations under the name of “IP Petrova” somehow not so, agree? It is necessary to come up with something attractive, non-public and not very challenging, something like “Atelier of holidays” or “Ferocious mood”.

One of the main points in the event-business is the idea. A banquet with black caviar and decorations in the form of air balloons will not surprise anyone anymore, so you need to think and invent. Wild West Party or Brazilian Carnival, and maybe the New Year in the style of Andersen or Hoffman’s fairy tales? The main thing is that the idea is combined with an occasion. To conduct a children’s birthday on the motives of the series “Sex in a big city” is unlikely to be appropriate, even if mothers will be excited.

The customer is always right!
Any, even the most ingenious idea can knock on the root of the client … and will be completely right. Customers are people diverse, and each requires its own approach. Pay attention to which color he wears constantly, what music he is listening to – it will simplify the work and gladden the client. It is equally important to know what the client categorically does not tolerate. Maybe he hated clowns and yellow color from childhood, and he has an allergy to olivine salad, and in general he is a terribly nasty type.

Immaculate connections
When the script is written, the menu and the color of the balloons are aligned, it is time to act, and for this purpose, special character communications will be required. The first thing that is needed is the playground, the venue for the holiday. Restaurant, club, holiday home … You need to know the contacts and be on a short leg with the owners, after all, it is also profitable for them. The second is “daily bread”, that is, treats. Well, if the event is held where there is an equipped kitchen, and if not? Then the catering business comes in, or just a restaurant on the outskirts. There are also artists, showmen, pyrotechnics, photographers, carpenters (it is not enough, you’ll need to podium to combine) and other personalities. Depending on the concept of the organized event, the set of actors may vary.

It is necessary to trivialize!
It is the cute trivia that is inconspicuous at first glance to create an inexpressible atmosphere of celebration. Invitations, balloons, fireworks from live butterflies, chocolate fountains, flowers and more – the market offers a great deal of similar gadgets, and new items come out almost every month. Therefore, you need to be aware of the affairs and the “festive” fashion, for this even there are special sites.

Prose of life
Paper … And here you have to keep track of the papers and count. Be sure to sign a contract with the customer, agree on the script and be sure to enlist his signature under the estimate of the holiday. It is obligatory to conclude contracts in the whole form and at hiring artists, and when renting a venue for the event, so that later it was not painfully painful and catastrophically late. And keep each piece of paper as the apple of the eye. Be sure to collect the portfolio – photos from the events that your company arranges.

The best advertisement for event business is gossip! “Sarafan’s radio”, covering the news about actually executed orders, attracts about 70% of clients.

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