Pharmacist is a pharmacologist
Provisor is translated from Latin as "foreseeing". At the coffee grounds, the pharmacist, however, does not guess - he works with powders, medicines, pills. And the prediction can only supply…

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Prysschik Portrait of the hero
PR - transcription of the English abbreviation PR or public relations, which in the approximate translation means "public relations". Sometimes PP workers are called public relations specialists. This, of course,…

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The work of a copywriter is the basis of an advertising campaign
Copywriter is one of the relatively new professions for Ukraine. Domestic universities have not yet offered training in this specialty, although its popularity is great, because the work of a…

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Brand Manager: Brand Engine

Why are Soni tvs more expensive than others? Because Soni is a brand, a branded brand that everyone knows. And it is connected in the mind of the consumer with good quality of goods and prestige. The consumer is willing to part with “superfluous” two to three thousand rubles to buy a product, albeit more expensive, but a well-known firm. And the company gets a net profit “from the air”. More precisely from the myth that skillfully advances the brand manager. It is he who unwinds the brand of the company, trying to make it recognizable on the market, working with advertising agencies, where they come up with an idea that will separate the product from the mass of others and make it popular.

Manipulators with consciousness
It is difficult to sell the next yogurt when the counters are so overwhelmed by this product. In order to “place” a place for a new brand in the mind of the consumer, one needs to come up with something special – to closely associate the product with some kind of concept, habit, lifestyle, positive emotion or property. And there are also advertising “legends”: Head & Shoulders – the first shampoo from dandruff, “Orbit” – the best way to refresh your breath, Gillett – the best razor for a man … “I bought” Jaguar “because I can afford it” – proudly says one of the top managers of a major company, not knowing that his choice was predetermined by the work of a brand manager positioning a car in the category “for wealthy clients”. But how to make people believe, go and buy to identify the product with the stated idea?

The idea for a billionth
In most cases, it’s just about promoting a trademark. To turn it into a brand, you need not only a creative idea and a correct positioning of the product, you need a lot of money to create it. In the West, it is believed that speaking about a brand can only be if in the trade mark at least one billion dollars have been invested in the course of its existence …

Despite the apparent brand’s ephemeral, it has quite real value. For example, the Coca-Cola brand is valued at $ 67 billion … At the same time, the real productive assets of the firm usually make up only 10% of its brand value, the rest of money is the assessment of the high reputation of the brand in the market and the favorable consumer attitude towards it.

Chameleon Brands
Some companies, recognizing the strength of the brand, give their products brand names that are consistent with the brand names. So, for example, Aquarelle and Belamed (associated with Aquafresh, Blend-a-med) toothpastes appeared on the market. Practice shows that such a mimicry dramatically increases sales.

PEPSI colored sky
You can spend millions of rubles on advertising, but never create a brand. All products will scream about your products, the city will stick with posters and flyers and all will be only a temporary concussion of air.

The transformation of the trademark into a brand is a fine art. The work of a brand manager begins with market and competition analysis, the search for new price and product niches, positioning and product pricing.

The main thing is to find out the wishes of the buyers, to find the feelings and thoughts on which you can play, so that the advertisement of the product hit the target. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out large-scale marketing researches, questionnaires, questioning of focus groups, “draw” a portrait of a potential consumer, to understand his lifestyle, habits.

Becoming a brand
Having obtained the necessary data about potential buyers, the brand manager develops the ideology of the brand, strategy and tactics of brand development, concludes a contract with a professional advertising agency, where they adjust the idea, translate it into slogans, video clips, posters. Next, it is necessary to correctly place advertising in the media, for example, with the help of the same agency, to make a plan for development for a year and constantly analyze the level of sales and the effectiveness of the stock.

Florist is a profbeautyession for those who feel the
Time erases from the face of the state of the state, turns into the sand of the city, but one remains unchanged - the love of mankind to the beautiful.…


Merchandiser is a reliable springboard for a successful career in the trade
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