Scope of graphic designers
There is an opinion that web design is far from the polygraph, which is revered for the highest professional aerobatics. However, the websites of masters are strikingly different from the…

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Prysschik Portrait of the hero
PR - transcription of the English abbreviation PR or public relations, which in the approximate translation means "public relations". Sometimes PP workers are called public relations specialists. This, of course,…

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Designer of interiors of apartments and offices
In the intelligent dictionary design is defined as "the design of things, cars, interiors, based on the principles of combining convenience, economy and beauty." The very term "designer" originates from…

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Copywriter is a sensible word

A copywriter is the one the brand speaks with. For everything the brand wants to say about the consumer, for how he wants to look, what he calls, what he promises, in short, the copywriter responds for all the verbal communication.

This person creates advertising ideas, participates in negotiations with strategists and in the development of strategy. Copywriters write slogans and scripts of the videos, participate in the writing of briefings, the search for a director, negotiations with the director, shootings and the sale of finished work to the client. Copywriting is essentially a work on all aspects of a single project. Typically, television and print advertising, and the Internet, and other spheres are involved in its work. Your movie – it’s almost your child, and you want everyone to like it – a client, a director, and a spectator. This is creative work, but at the same time it has a very large percentage of diplomacy and organizational activity.

Creativity is that you’re probably inventing. Pick up words, listen to people’s conversations on the streets, in the subway, catch a phrase that, in your opinion, works well and is perfect for the brand. And then she, like a butterfly on a pin, dashes to her project. The birth of a slogan is different in everyone. Someone sits and takes over the options for a long time, and someone’s clear hit occurs intuitively, it’s like a rumor in music. But in any case, it’s labor.

Specificity of the profession
To be a good copywriter, first of all you need to feel the word, be able to clearly and clearly formulate thoughts. This is quite a multi-faceted profession, unbelievable and varied.

You can learn from a perspective, a perspective, an approach to a problem. But no one will teach a talent and a sense of language, unfortunately. To refine mastery, you need to read more. Russian classical literature, poetry (for example, Mayakovsky, Khlebnikov). To learn languages, to look at the sides, to read the inscriptions on fences, to ride in the metro and listen. Listen to how people say, remember. This allows you to better understand the needs and interests of your target audience. Those who you are talking to.

Whatever the experience, every time you start working on a project, you always worry: you come up with – do not you think? It gives such a useful drive. But experience, of course, greatly helps in the work. Experienced copywriter already already represents about which side you can approach the task, that is interesting to one or another target audience, what there are techniques, plots. That is, over time, to some extent it becomes easier to work. But, on the other hand, the bar is raised. Every year, the internal censorship must become more and more rigid. What is forgiven at first, subsequently no longer passes.

Implementation of projects and teamwork in work
Advertising is a 100% team game. It is very pleasant when an absolutely insane idea appears at first glance. And then you see, as the efforts of many people, it begins to emerge in life. What existed at some point only in your head in the form of a project begins to live its life. The unpleasant moment, perhaps, is to realize that the project being created is not your brainchild. Not yours personally. If there were not good work of strategists, project managers, production, customer, director, actors and others, nothing would have happened.

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