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Professional qualities of event manager

The one who works a lot and works well should have a good rest. In the world of serious Western business, this statement has long been an axiom and a guide to action. Successful businessmen consider it a good tone to strengthen the corporate spirit in their firms through professionally organized entertainment events. But in order for the show for the forefathers of capitalist work to succeed in glory, he must arrange the owner is still quite rare in our homeland, but a very promising profession – event manager.

In a market economy, employers have to fight for competent professionals and do their utmost to ensure that professionals do not go to their competitors, and, on the contrary, are proud of their company. There is no saying, say, irreplaceable people, it has long been irrelevant.

Moreover, many experts say that it is ineffective to encourage personnel with the help of only economic bonuses. But to hold a closed party for their own, to send employees to an exciting journey at the expense of their own company or to arrange a rewarding ceremony for the best specialists (in their industry) – a great way to encourage the team.

But everything is easy to spoil, if you approach the organization of a similar event amateurishly. That is why the event manager can not be likened to a Tamad, an enthusiast, or a masovik-zatinka from a Soviet prophylaxis. Compare the current specialist with corporate events with the director of the Neptune holiday 20 years ago – it’s like trying to find something in common between the grandmaster and the “third dispenser” who knows only how the queen is different from the horse. Although it would seem that both of them are chess players …

Scope of activity
So, the event manager is a person who organizes and coordinates various holidays for the benefit of companies, groups of people or individuals. Event management is subdivided into corporate and commercial. It is clear that those who specialize in the first, serve firms, in the second – private individuals. Usually those who have money, but there is no free time to implement their plans, or those who are accustomed to trusting the fulfillment of such tasks to professionals, are referred to the “waggers”.

What is included in their competence? Many wealthy people prefer to celebrate significant events for them, such as anniversaries, weddings or professional triumphs, with magnitude. And here without the help of employees of the specialized agency can not do.

By the way, it is worth saying that domestic event managers are willing to implement the most original customer preferences. Concert of classical music at the metro station? Banquet on the highest level on the ice of the Gulf of Finland? These are already passed stages in the event industry. Who knows, maybe in the near future, such experts will send a wealthy gentlemen on a picnic to the summit of Everest or spend excursions in the near-earth orbit.

Of course, in the zone of special professional interest of event managers there is a corporate sector. This is a huge field of activity: you can hold various presentations, business meetings, conferences, promote brands with the help of bright memorable promotions. For example, one large western company has arranged a athletic holiday for everyone. The organizers of the campaign managed to sagativa on Sunday ride almost 100 thousand man As a result, not only did many people join one another or another in a healthy way of life, but it turned out that in the following months there was an increase in demand for the company’s products. In general, if earlier the trade union predecessors of event managers brought the people to the treadmill for a tick, today it has become part of a marketing strategy.

Such specialists are divided into staff members of the companies (usually quite large corporations can afford such luxury), employees of specialized agencies and “free artists”, who once created their name and due to this lacking in the clientele. In addition, the representatives of this profession can be considered as art directors of night clubs, organizers of various psychological events (for example, trainings of communication or trainings of acquaintances whose purpose – in a relaxed atmosphere, let’s say, a country boarding school to teach lonely, sometimes well-organized participants, to establish interpersonal relationships with strangers people).

It goes without saying that in some companies the role of the event-manager takes on the boss himself, the manager of the staff or a regular psychologist. But not always such universalism, especially if it is based on a superficial (or amateurish) understanding of a worthwhile task, leads to positive results.

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