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Dietitian: on guard of weight and health

In the recent past, nutritionists have been engaged mainly in the selection of therapeutic nutrition for people suffering from various diseases – the correct diet can, if not cure the disease, then slow down its development significantly. Today, nutrition is understood broadly: the fashion for a healthy lifestyle and the desire to have an ideal figure leads to nutritionists a huge number of people with the sole purpose of losing weight. Here the nutritionists are irreplaceable: they will form an optimal diet and will give recommendations on how to reduce weight without harm to health.

Specialists are nasrchvat
With all the diversity of medical centers certified by doctors-dietitians on the labor market, a few units – every year in the capital, the right to be called nutritionists receive only about ten doctors … To become a highly qualified dietitian, you need to go a long way. First, finish medical institute in the specialty “Medical business” or “Pediatrics” (6 years of study). Then enter the residency on the specialty “Dietology” (two more years). Every year five to ten certified nutritionists leave the Institute’s walls. And everything. The question arises: where then is the number of doctors taken to fill all the jobs? First, many nutritionists work at once in several medical centers. Second, sometimes doctors of other medical specialties act as nutritionists: gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists. But qualified doctor can handle the task only a doctor who received special training in the field of nutrition.

Universal Doctor
Dietitians working in hospitals or clinics, ensure that patients follow the diet required for their illness. Of course, the conditions to provide individual nutrition to everyone, in our clinics are not present, all patients with the same diagnosis receive a standard menu. The control of the food block, the introduction of new products and the change of diets, depending on new developments in nutrition – these are the main responsibilities of such nutritionists.

A nutritionist at a specialized center works with patients individually. Evaluates their condition, conducts analyzes, researches, if necessary, sends on consultations to other doctors … And only after all preliminary examinations proceed to the main thing – the composition of the diet.

In order not to be mistaken in a diet, the doctor should have knowledge from different branches of medicine: gastroenterology, endocrinology, cardiology. The main principle of nutrition, like any other branch of medicine, is not harm.

Required qualities:

ability to withstand high load
readiness for long learning
mathematical abilities

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